Last Week In

Yes, this is my last week in After 4 years and 8 month serving as Senior Web Developer, I finally made my decision, I have to move my ass up to the next level. Satisfying my appetite of learning new things, building new products, and researching new technology. is such a nice working place. As a part of Kompas-Gramedia Group, they have build such a nice working environment and culture. Everyone is so friendly, it's like living in a big family, with crazy and funny people.

Big things i've earned in is the knowlegde of building and maintaining large scale web application. From its bottom to the upper layer. Yes, i mean from the infrastructure, database, API and the front end layer. I admitt that i was just an ordinary web developer who knows only LAMP architecture before i joined Later on, i moved into a bigger area, a large scale web apps architecture. It was such an awesome experience to learn something new. Many thanks to my will-be-ex-boss Edi Taslim, Murfi Hatumena and Ihwan Santoso who have trust me the responsibility to handle awesome projects in

As i'm getting older (not that old), my appetite of new things is getting higher. And there's no space left in to satisfy it. I have to move on. Luckily, there's a startup company, looking for a web developer to help them build their upcoming product. Good salary, good environment, good working hour. OK Challenge accepted.

So, here I am. Waiting for the new challenges ahead and trying to enjoy every last hours, last minutes, last seconds in, with great people, great experience.