New Fav To Listens

Almost years with no new band worth to listens until i got lost somewhere in youtube and found this French band, Electro Deluxe and New York based band, Snarky Puppy.

Electro Deluxe

They have been around since 2005 but i just found these guys and they caught my ears in an instant. They're an acid-funk band with striking brass section, super fine bass & drum beat and perfect keyboard sound. They have no permanent vocalist, most of their vocal section filled by different session vocalist.

5 stars for some of their tunes: Point-G, No Dance, Turkey and Ground.
Video: Ground
Video: Turkey

Snarky Puppy

Wikipedia said that "the band features a collective of nearly 40 musicians". Well when i first saw them on youtube, yes! They are big family. Focusing on Instrumental-Fusion genre, i think they caught the youth taste on their musical style and sound. One thing that caught my eyes is, their leaders, Michael League. He's using Fender Precission Bass, which is kinda unusual for this kind of genre to utilize this kinda bass. But hey, there's no rules in fusion :)

Here's some of their tunes:

Video: Young Stuff
Video: Quarter Master