Qeon Interactive, Hey I'm The New Guy

Almost years of working in my old company, and now i move into a new shiny place Qeon Interactive, subsidiary of Midplaza Group with new people, new girls *ehm, new rules, new bosses and new salary *cough. It's like an experience that i have yearn in years. It's like a reborn. Everything is new. I feel like a kid, learning new environment, meeting new peoples who become friends, adjusting myself with their culture, and someday (maybe) i'll behave like they behave.

First day at the office, i feel like the oldest. They are like 22-25 yo. OMG, i feel like their uncle. Well who cares, i still look as young as they are anyway *cough.

First meeting was crazy, it was really technical and i have to catch up to what they have build before. I like it. It's like squeezing my brain, i have to be edgy, i have to stay as sharp as possible. It's good, i like it. My brain is spoiled for the last 5 years, with the same routines, same playground, same people. Now, I found a new playground, I met the right peoples to keep my brain working, to stay sharp all the time, because that what's brain are for.