Here are some of my recent and finished projects.

Bentara Budaya

Bentara Budaya is a place of Indonesian cultural and art activities. Many cultural activities held here. Bentara Budaya was founded in Yogyakarta in 1982. Later they expanded to Jakarta which is located in Jl. Palmerah Selatan 17, right in front of Kompas Gramedia Office Building. The Bentara Budaya building in Jakarta is very unique, the architectural is based on Rumah Kudus architectural. The website itself describes the activities held in the Bentara Budaya, and other indonesian cultural information such as indonesian paintings and ceramics.

Inti Presisi Toolsindo

Inti Presisi Toolsindo, PT Company profiles. A Company from Singapore which provide heavy industrial instruments. Founded in 1995 under the name of Riso Seiki. They expanded into Indonesia in the year 2000 and diversified their portfolio to meet the needs of the country's growing Automotive industry.

An Indonesian online dining directory service. Providing detailed dining information, such as, restaurant locations, price ranged, cuisines and many useful information about dining in Indonesia. Users can find desired dining places or even promotions in some dining places. Users can also give their review or bookmark their favorite restaurant. This is a very useful website for those who loves foods.