Port Forwarding in Mac OS Yosemite

When upgrading to Yosemite (Mac OSX 10.10), be aware that port forwarding using ipfw is no longer supported.
But we can overcome this issue using pf

For example when using Eclipse Tomcat as development server, you may want to forward all the port from 80 to 8080 and 443 to 8443, here's the step:

I found MAGIC!

It was a rainy monday night and i was hangin out with some colleagues enjoying hot chocolate and coffee while suddenly the coffeeship played a reggae music that was quite fresh for my ears. I asked everyone on the table if they recognize the singer, but no one knows. So i listen carefully to the song and google it with small portion of the lyrics (whatever i can capture by my ear). — Note: I tried soundhound before but it didn't work well.

Port Forwarding in Mac OSX Mavericks (Port 80 to 8080 and 443 to 8443)

Some issues when setting up Tomcat server (using SSL) in Eclipse - Mac OS environment is that, Mac limit the port usage permission below 1000 to only root. So Eclipse won't be able to run the tomcat server at port 80 or 443.
This issue can be solved by setting up port forwarding in your Mac OS. Let's open terminal and type something cool.

Last Week In Kompas.com

Yes, this is my last week in Kompas.com. After 4 years and 8 month serving as Senior Web Developer, I finally made my decision, I have to move my ass up to the next level. Satisfying my appetite of learning new things, building new products, and researching new technology.

Cara Query dengan GROUP BY di MongoDB

Di MySQL kita dapat dengan mudahnya mengeksekusi query hanya dengan sintaks GROUP BY. Tapi bagaimana cara mengeksekusinya di MongoDB?

Sama mudahnya!

Contoh di console:

    key: { a:true, b:true },
    cond: { active:1 },
    reduce: function(obj,prev) { prev.csum += obj.c; },
    initial: { csum: 0 }

Contoh di PHP:

Misteri Anjing Dalam Keranjang

Jumat malam kurang lebih sekitar pukul 21:00 gw berencana pulang dari kantor ke rumah. Handphone berdering, terlihat di layar handphone, nyokap yang memanggil. Gw kira cuma pertanyaan biasa, "Pulang malem?" atau "Nunggu macet ya? kok belum pulang?". Tapi kali ini pertanyaan itu gak ada sama sekali. Nyokap tanpa basa-basi langsung menceritakan kejadian yang lumayan bikin gw juga kaget.