About Me

I'm a professional software engineer currently working on one of Salim Group digital company, elevenia. I love hiking, gaming, enjoying music (both listening and playing) and mostly i love coding and building great software. Reading programming language is like reading musical notation for me, sometimes it gets me enthusiastic, emotional and or (mostly) headache.

Most of my work now focused on building software architecture, microservices, elasticsearch, docker. I dont execute all ideas in my head, i have 5 great team members that helps me make things "real". For more about my portfolios and professional history check my linkedin.

Sports for me must be fun. Has scoring system and competitive. I like basketball, tennis and table tennis. No gym, no boring solo exercises. Competition motivates me to be better.

Since i'm not good at explaining myself, i hope this blog can represent who i am and what i do.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks ~ John Muir