Here are some of my recent and finished projects.

Rino Hidayah ( is a commercial photographer based in BSD CITY, Tangerang Indonesia. Rino's long-standing interest in corporate, portraitures and fashion culminates in his commercials photography and any photography services for International NGO’s (UNICEF, CARE International, Helen Keller International, Oxfam etc.), design firms, commercial builders, TV station and contractors.

Personal website of Rizal Mantovani, a film director and producer in Indonesia. Best known with his successful movies, Jelangkung. The site itself contain various video clip, recent movie projects and latest news about Rizal Mantovani.

It's an event website for golfers. The event called Wet(er) and Wild(er), they provide umbrella girls which can be booked or reserved for the golfers. And i'm talking about, sexy-long-legged and nice-boobs umbrella girls. Hell yeah!

Balai Lelang Harmoni

Balai Lelang Harmoni ( is a private auction company in Jakarta. They offer a difference auction service than the usual public auction service. The website itself provides useful information about the current auction held in Balai Lelang Harmoni and the company profiles.

Karya Bumi Sentosa Abadi

Karya Bumi Sentosa Abadi ( is a company based in Sunter, Jakarta. They are focusing on distributing radiocommunications equipment (handy talky, receivers, transceiver), navigational equipment (GPS, Compass), marine equipment (GMDSS, Fishfinder) and other related tools. The site itself is like the online version of their product catalogue.

Seminar Seumur Hidup

James Gwee, a successful businessman in singapore. His specialty lies in the areas of Sales, Motivation, Service Excellence, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Team Building and Personal Development.
In this website, Mr. James Gwee is about to share his experience through movie tutorial, ebook and audio tutorial, and inviting everybody to join his successful path.

P2KB Perdoski

An online log book for Perdoski organization. Perdoski is an organization of Doctor which specalty is in Skin and Genitals.
Thisweb application is an online version of their old and classic log book,they store their medical activities, such as seminar, clinic andmedical research in this book and the application automaticallycalculate their medical points.

Bentara Budaya

Bentara Budaya is a place of Indonesian cultural and art activities. Many cultural activities held here. Bentara Budaya was founded in Yogyakarta in 1982. Later they expanded to Jakarta which is located in Jl. Palmerah Selatan 17, right in front of Kompas Gramedia Office Building. The Bentara Budaya building in Jakarta is very unique, the architectural is based on Rumah Kudus architectural. The website itself describes the activities held in the Bentara Budaya, and other indonesian cultural information such as indonesian paintings and ceramics.

Inti Presisi Toolsindo

Inti Presisi Toolsindo, PT Company profiles. A Company from Singapore which provide heavy industrial instruments. Founded in 1995 under the name of Riso Seiki. They expanded into Indonesia in the year 2000 and diversified their portfolio to meet the needs of the country's growing Automotive industry.