Setting Up Strongswan VPN in Ubuntu

Create CA

echo "deb wheezy-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wheezy-backports.list
apt-get -t wheezy-backports install strongswan libcharon-extra-plugins
ipsec version
cd /etc/ipsec.d/
ipsec pki --gen --type rsa --size 4096 --outform pem > private/strongswanKey.pem
ipsec pki --self --ca --lifetime 3650 --in private/strongswanKey.pem --type rsa --dn "C=ID, O=example, CN=example Root CA" --outform pem > cacerts/strongswanCert.pem
ipsec pki --print --in cacerts/strongswanCert.pem

Ubuntu 12.04 FFmpeg and libmp3lame

For you guys who still using the old Ubuntu 12.04 and requires the latest ffmpeg and libmp3lame on their system, there's no other way until this post is written, you have to compile it manually:

Note: i prefer to install it in /opt/ dirs
Use your own preference

Ubuntu Trick: Out Of Memory When Compiling Source

This shit happens when i tried to compile Phalcon in my Ubuntu server:

gcc: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1)
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See  for instructions.

Those lines means that my Ubuntu server/desktop demand more GB of RAM to compile. If it happens to you too, here's a trick that i wanna share with you.